Something Bigger Than Us

C. S. Lewis wrote, “Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.” There are times when things much bigger than us do come into our small frame of reference giving us a glimpse of the Divine presence that is written across the whole world. This was my experience when I became involved in working out a way to transport one of our residents, Sandy, to her mother’s funeral.

The funeral took place in a town that is four hours away from our care center. Sandy relies on her motorized wheel chair for mobility. A simple request from Sandy to attend her mother’s funeral took me to parts of her care that I took for granted and had never explored. From learning the intricacies of transporting someone in a motorized wheel chair to researching the transportation resources that are available for an out of town trip, to getting on the schedule of a nurse that was needed to go with us on the trip, I became involved in putting a plan together.

I learned that the resources for transporting anyone with a disability are quite limited. It saddened me to know that a simple thing like going to a funeral can be a monumental task for someone with a disability, especially if it is out of town. The resources that are available usually are limited to transportation only within the county or were limited to only taking someone to a doctor’s appointment. In the end we rented a van from Superior Van and Mobility. It was a very reasonable price and Sandy’s sister paid for the rental.

Along with discovering the challenges of finding a way to transport Sandy, planning this trip was filled with many other twists and turns. It appeared at some points in the process that we would not be successful in getting the details worked out to make the trip possible. Every time I was ready to give up, I was pleasantly inspired by Signature stakeholders who challenged me to think outside of the box.

Amanda Hasty, one of Sandy’s nurses, Amanda Cooper, assistant social worker, Roy Miller, plant operations director at Mayfair Manor and Pat Hall, a retired nurse who goes on trips with us, each inspired me in different ways to make this trip a reality. The administrative staff at Bluegrass also offered ideas and support as I was putting this plan together.

This experience gave me a whole new appreciation for the many parts that work together when we give care to the residents in our facility. From the education I received about safely transporting people in motorized chairs, to the support many people offered by changing their schedules and giving suggestions, I can testify that I got a glimpse of the Divine One who is sometimes too large to be seen. I found myself saying “something bigger than us is operating here.” I am convinced that I was privileged to sense the bigger Divine presence that was obviously working with us as we took Sandy to her mother’s funeral.

Sandy’s words about the trip are, “It was great. I saw a lot of my family that I hadn’t seen in five or six years.” Sandy’s boyfriend went with us and Sandy said, “He is great and a big help to me.” My favorite memory of the trip was being able to see Sandy go to the casket to see her mom after the funeral. Sandy’s daughter stood next to her holding her hand as they shed tears together and said their good-byes.

I am thankful for the support I received from all those who would not let me give up on this plan. I witnessed many miracles of compassion, perseverance, encouragement and brainstorming that were the small letters of the larger story that C.S. Lewis says “is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.” I am happy to say that this larger story, the Divine Presence, is an awesome sight to behold when we are privileged to be among the ones who can see.