Welcome April

We are very excited about the month of April! Showers, flowers, bring it on. There are many events planned for our residents and stakeholders for the month of April, including outings to Walmart, the Golden Corral, Keenland and Jacobson Park just to name a few!
There will also be plenty of bible study times as we prepare to journey through the bible from Genesis to Revelation. Church! Church! Church! Chaplain Bellamy, Sister Vonette Washington, Rev. Leon Williams, sister and songstress Charlotte Thompson!
We have manicures, music with John, and a choir. Bingo, popcorn, coffee and donuts, karaoke with classical music. Pets and birthday celebrations!
This month celebrates Occupational Therapy. Spring Break Day will be on April 18th. April 20th celebrates our volunteers, with Earth Day on April 22nd…many reasons to celebrate in the month of April!┬áStay tuned for more details!