Inspire Your Heart With Art

Residents recently embarked on an artistic journey with inspiration from U.K. student, Xiao (Amy) Wang. January was National “Inspire Your Heart With Art” month, which fit perfectly with Amy’s Gaine’s Fellowship project “Traveling Artists for Lexington”.

“This program’s goal is to send students out into the community performing or interacting with nursing home residents, using art to enrich and expand their quality of life” states Amy. According to Quality of Life Director, Darla Borthwick “this project initiative goes right along with our QoL programming, offering our residents the opportunity to experience culture and creativity, stimulating cognition and manual dexterity while having fun!” Residents were introduced to the art of Origami through Amy’s instructional and interactive classes, and were amazed to find what they were capable of doing.

Sunnie Penman caught on very quickly after receiving step-by-step instruction, and completed several flowers all on her own, stating with a smile “I really didn’t think I could do it!” Benda Reece was overjoyed with her creations, stating “I love this! Look what I made!!” Residents created all types of art throughout January, ending the month with a high society Art Show.

While viewing 45 art entries and voting for their favorite pieces, residents and staff enjoyed classical music, sparkling juice served in champagne flutes, cheese, crackers and other treats, and stimulating conversation. Brady Whitt received first place honors with his miniature wooden church, Judy Wilson came in second place with her pencil colored landscape, and Alice Gill took third place with her glittering flower art.

“I am so proud of our residents and their art! One of our artists, Theresa Jacobs, is 100 years old, and is living proof that you are never too old to create and appreciate all types of art!” says Darla, adding “We also had an awesome concert this month by the ‘Young at Heart Big Band’, which was greatly enjoyed by all. Whether creative or performing art, this type of stimulation is essential to our residents’ overall well being. We are so blessed to have our local community’s support in bringing these programs to us!”.