Rusty was first admitted to our facility in 2010 after he had a massive stroke.  He initially was not able to participate with  physical and occupational therapy for very long because he was unable to follow directions, due to the type of stroke he had.  He continued working diligently with speech therapy until he was able to begin working with PT and OT again.  When they begin, it took 2-3 people just to help Rusty stand.  Today, he is totally independent with his self-care and mobility tasks.  Rusty is planning to transition back into the community on the 26th of this month.  Just 6 more days!!  The rehab team could not be happier for Rusty with all of the hard work and dedication that he has put in over the years.  When asked about his time at Bluegrass, Rusty stated that “Everyone has been so nice and helpful to get me back on my feet.”  When asked if he had any advice for anyone starting out with therapy after an illness or injury he simply said, “Stay uplifted.”  That is the epitome of Rusty.  Congratulations Rusty!! Job well done!

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